I make functional handmade pottery for everyday use in your home.

The Studio

In 2021 I relocated my studio to Schroeder, Minnesota one mile from Lake Superior's North Shore.

  • Assortment of bone dry ware awaiting bisque firing.

  • Wheel thrown pitchers that have been carved and facuted

  • Roughing out some handles for some larger baking dishes.

The Kiln

In the fall of 2021 I built my third kiln. All of the bricks with the exception of the arch were reused from my previous two kilns. This new kiln uses a steel framework to contain and support the bricks.

  • Steel frame, roof and brick work completed. This kiln is both a kiln and a kiln shed in one.

  • I welded the frame off-site and transported it here. The structure is bolted together.

  • Constructing the roof.

  • Metal roofing installed on the wood framework above the kiln.

  • These bricks were salvaged from th Hoit Lakes Taconite plant. This is the third kiln I've used them in and I purchased them for a penny each, all 500 of them!

  • These are a part of the frame that will support the arch during construction. Then are removed once the arch is in place.

  • This kiln uses mostly recycled bricks, with the exception of the arch.

  • The door is bricked up for each firing.

  • Broken bricks from my previous kiln. They were repaired using Sairset mortar and were used in the new kiln.

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Burner and Safety Shutoff System

This kiln uses 4 burners and has 4 pilot burners with Baso Safety Shutoff values. The kiln uses propane for fuel.

The Pots

I'm drawn to simple forms and understated matte glazes. Over the years I've made an effort to keep a minimal pallet and a simple range of shapes and glazes.