I make functional handmade pottery for everyday use in your home.

The Studio

In 2021 I relocated my studio to Schroeder, Minnesota, one mile from Lake Superior's North Shore

  • Bone dry ware awaiting bisque firing.

  • Wheel thrown pitchers that have been carved and facuted

  • Roughing out handles for larger baking dishes

The Kiln

In the fall of 2021 I built my third kiln. All of the bricks with the exception of the arch were reused from my previous two kilns. This new kiln uses a steel framework to contain and support the bricks.

  • Steel frame, roof and brick work completed. This kiln is both a kiln and a kiln shed in one.

  • I welded the frame off-site and transported it here. The structure is bolted together.

  • Here I'm completeting the kiln frame and roof support.

  • Metal roofing installed on the wood framework above the kiln.

  • These bricks were salvaged from the Hoit Lakes Taconite plant. This is the third kiln I've used them in, I purchased them for a penny each, all 500 of them!

  • These are a part of the frame that will support the arch bricks during construction. They are removed once the bricks are in place.

  • This kiln is built from recycled bricks, with the exception of the arch.

  • The door is bricked up for each firing.

  • Broken bricks from my previous kiln. They were repaired using Sairset mortar and were used in the new kiln.

  • Thuis kiln uses propane fueled atmosphereic burners (MR100) with pilots and safety off shut.

  • The burners and gas pipe are attached to the frame of the kiln.

  • Happy with my first firing!

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First Firing

The Pots

I'm drawn to simple forms and understated matte glazes.